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What I do
  • Write
    • Smart, fast and accurate copy on any subject - especially healthcare and technology - for any medium: print, video, audio and nontraditional media.

  • Develop
    • Information design - organization and diagrammatic communication of complex systems, processes and collections.
    • Interactive content - navigation, organization, interface design, copy - techno-literate collaboration with IT development team.

  • Produce
    • Video projects - concept through final delivery - on-time, on-budget and hassle-free.

What you get
  • What you need, not just what you asked for
    • Original, thoughtful, well-crafted work reflects independent research and analysis.

  • Off-site efficiency - on-site insight
    • Savings from a non-staff resource plus the nuanced understanding of a seasoned team member.

  • Fewer costly headaches
    • Knowledge and experience help avoid multiple revisions and regulatory problems.

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